Meet your NRA Trainer Counselor Larry Quandahl, CWO4, Ret.! Larry served in the U.S.M.C. for 24 years where he shot on the Marine Corps pistol, rifle and international teams. He is double distinguished in Rifle and Pistol and has set several National Records. His last assignment in the Marine Corps was as Officer in Charge of all Marksmanship Training for all the U.S.M.C.. After retiring from the U.S.M.C., he began his second career working for the NRA in Coach Programs when he designed and wrote the conventional pistol and high power rifle coach programs. He was soon promoted to National Instructor Trainer. During that time, he designed the NRA’s Range Safety Officer and Chief Range Safety Officers curriculum. This program is considered the National standard for range safety. Larry is the author of NRA’s Personal Protection (Inside and Outside the Home) Programs. In his last position in Education and Training Division, he was Manager of Youth Programs working with Boy Scouts, DeMolay, 4-H, etc. Larry currently is the NRA Publications Senior Firearms Inventory Manager. In his off time, Larry continues to provide instruction on NRA Certified courses in small groups and to corporations as well. Not only does Larry Quandahl have the credentials you are looking for in an instructor or Training Counselor, but Larry is well known for his patience with adult learners and youth as well.

In 2020, Larry was selected to appear in segments of American Rifleman TV episodes. Segments include: NRA Safe Gun Handling Rules, Shooting and Storage Rules, Marksmanship Fundamentals and Drawing from the Holster. Currently he is scheduled to appear in the 2021 season as well.